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MCI Recognised Medical College in Nepal-MBBS/BDS/PG

 What Are "MCI Approved Colleges" for MBBS?

MCI India medical colleges

MCI approved or recognized medical colleges are those medical colleges that are situated abroad and are verified by the Embassy of India for providing quality and standard medical studies outside India.

Those students are only able to sit in screening test after completion of their medical studies from abroad medical colleges as per clause 4(1) of the Screening Test Regulation, 2002 which are recognized by the Medical Council of India.

For the status of Recognized by MCI, it is a function of the Embassy of India as per the Screening Test Regulation 2002 to certify the medical college and universities of abroad to be qualified for enrolling Indian students.

Candidate should always verify the status of Recognition of Medical College before enrollment as if the college is recognized by MCI then there is:

1.      issuance of Eligibility Certificate,

2.     Candidate are allowed to sit in Screening Test Exam

3.      State Medical Council can provide temporary or permanent registration to students.

List Of MCI Recognised College In Nepal for MBBS

This is the list of the medical colleges in Nepal that are certified by the Embassy of India for providing standard medical and para-medical studies programmed or equivalent courses

Tribhuvan University

1.      Maharajgung Medical Campus

2.      Nepalese Army Institute of Health sciences

3.      Chitwan Medical College and Teaching Hospital

4.      Universal College of Medical Science and Teaching Hospital

5.      KIST Medical College

6.      Gandaki Medical College

7.      National Medical College

8.      Janaki Medical college

Kathmandu University

1.      KU School Of Medical Science

2.      Kathmandu Medical College

3.      Nepal Medical College

4.      Manipal Medical college

5.      College of Medical sciences Teaching Hospital

6.      Nepalgunj Medical college

7.      Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital

8.      Lumbini Medical College and Teaching Hospital

9.      Birat Medical College

Autonomous Medical Institute

1.      B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

2.      Patan Academy of Health sciences

3.      Karnali Academy of Health Sciences

How Do You Know If A College Is MCI Approved?

To know the status of the college whether it is recognized by the Medical Council of India or not students can visit the official website of MCI (renamed as National Medical Commission) where colleges are listed in tabular form.

The website includes the list of medical colleges which are recognized by MCI in different countries just not only in Nepal.

Here is the image from the website listing different MCI-recognized medical colleges in Nepal.

all MCI recognised medical college in Nepal

To see yourself you can visit the official website at MCI Recognized Medical College in Nepal.  

What If College Is Not MCI Approved for MBBS?

In case if college is not MCI recognized, then students of those colleges are not allowed to sit in the Screening Text Exam, as a result, students are not registered and licensed, and hence cannot practice in India.

If a college is not certified by the MCI, then it means that the government of India doesn’t have any knowledge about college authenticity, and a result of this lack of trustworthiness, those students are not allowed to sit in Licensing Examination of India conducted by National Medical Commission (or earlier named as Medical Council of India) as Screening Test Examination.

MCI India also known as National Medical Commission

As per the rule and regulation mentioned in the eligibility Criteria for Screening Test: No person shall be allowed to appear in the screening test unless:

1.     Student must be a citizen of India and must possess any medical qualification from the institution which are recognized National Medical Commission (or earlier named as Medical Council of India).

2.      The student must have an Eligibility Certificate, as per the ‘Eligibility Requirement for taking admission in an undergraduate medical course in a Foreign Medical Institution Regulations, 2002’.

3.      It is compulsory to qualify the ‘National -Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Admission in MBBS program’.

 The result of the ‘National- Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Admission to MBBS program’ shall be treated as the Eligibility Certificate for such persons, provided that such persons fulfill the Eligibility Criteria for admission to the MBBS course prescribed in the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997.

How Many Medical Colleges Are In Nepal For MBBS?

In Nepal all together there are 20 Medical colleges which are offering MBBS and other different medical or equivalent courses. There are two universities and three autonomous medical institutions in Nepal serving the same purpose.

The two universities have provided affiliations with different private medical colleges.

All the medical colleges and universities in Nepal can take admission of Indian students as they are recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Which Is The Cheapest Medical College In Nepal?

In Nepal, Maharajgung Medical college is the cheapest governmental medical college and Chitwan Medical College is the cheapest private medical college offering MBBS in Nepal

In Nepal, the fee for MBBS is uniform across the country as Medical Education Commission (MEC) decides the tuition fee for medical study in Nepal.

As per the 2022 A.D (2079 B.S) the tuition fee for the college inside the Valley (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur) is NRS 41,68,090 and outside the Valley (i.e. anywhere in the country) is NRS 45,95,720 for Nepalese student.

For the foreign student, the tuition fee for MBBS is USD 75000/-

Though completing the 5.5 years of medical study costs from 50 lakh to 80 lakhs for Nepalese and 80 lakhs to 1 crore for foreign students. 

This variation in amount is mainly due to the cost of accommodation and other minor expenses required during the course of study.

This amount mainly depends upon the infrastructure and facilities provided by the medical colleges. The place of Medical college also plays a major contribution in upraising the amount.

The overall cost of MBBS study in a college situated in the major city of Nepal is comparatively higher than that of the cost offered by medical colleges situated in rural areas.

Which Is The Biggest Medical College In Nepal?

Among 20 MBBS offering medical colleges in Nepal, B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) is the biggest medical college.

BPKIHS itself own’s 7 major hospitals in different specialties in 7 different districts of Nepal. It was established in collaboration with India as one of the largest medical colleges in Nepal. BPKIHS is situated in Dharan, Nepal. And was established on Jan 18,1993 A.D.

to know more about different medical colleges in Nepal feel free to visit MEDICAL COLLEGE IN NEPAL

Is Nepal Best For MBBS?

In South-East Asia Region, there is no doubt that Nepal is one of the best destinations for students looking for MBBS study. Hence YES, Nepal is best for MBBS study.

Nepal is regarded as one of the finest and most stable country providing a great environment for students to complete their studies successfully.

The Universities in Nepal and their affiliated medical college are recognized by SAARC Countries (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) as well as in SEAR Countries.

Medical Degree obtained in Nepal are well recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMS), Bhutan Medical and Health Council (BMHC), and Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) India, as being the best medical institute in Asia also recommend the Colleges and universities of Nepal as one of the best alternative destination for medical studies especially MBBS outside India.

To add on this here are some bullet points mentioning why MBBS is Best in Nepal

  1. Internationally recognized Medical Colleges and Universities,
  2. Well-equipped and managed Hospital in each Medical College,
  3. Minimum of a 700-bed hospital in each hospital,
  4. Short course for MBBS study of 4.5 years,
  5. Compulsory rotating internship of 1 year in MBBS,
  6. The adequate opportunity of clinical exposure for students,
  7. Nepal Medical Council License being recognized by SAARC countries,
  8. Easy fee installment and lower total cost of MBBS study,
  9. Student-friendly environment across the nation as there is no conflict inside the country.

These were some highlights to choose Nepal for MBBS.

To know more details about MBBS in Nepal visit the detailed article on Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Nepal.

Which Country Medical Degree Is Valid In India?

In India, all those countries' medical degree is valid which are recognized by the Embassy of India and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

 According to Medical Council of India Sector -8, Pocket-14, Dwarka, New Delhi-ADVISORY

It is stated as  ”As far as the status of recognition of a particular university/institution is concerned, it is informed that as per clause 4(1) of the Screening Test Regulation, 2002, any primary medical qualification which is confirmed by the Indian Embassy concerned to be a recognized qualification for enrolment as a medical practitioner in the country in which the institution awarding such qualification is situated, can be considered to be a recognized medical qualification by the Medical Council of India for the purposes of issuance of Eligibility Certificate, entitle a candidate to appear in the Screening Test and grant of provisional/permanent registration by the concerned State Medical Council.”

This is the list of all 70 countries whose Medical Degree is Valid in India

  1. Argentina
  2. Armenia
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Azerbaijan Republic
  6. Bahrain
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Belarus
  9. Belize
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  11. Bulgaria
  12. Canada
  13. Central America
  14. China
  15. Cambodia
  16. Cuba
  17. Curacao
  18. Cyprus
  19. Czechoslovakia
  20. Dominican Republic
  21. Ethiopia
  22. France
  23. Georgia
  24. Germany
  25. Guyana
  26. Hungary
  27. Indonesia
  28. Iran
  29. Ireland
  30. Italy
  31. Kazakhstan
  32. Kenya
  33. Kyrgyzstan
  34. Los Angeles
  35. Malawi
  36. Malaysia
  37. Malta
  38. Mongolia
  39. Mauritius
  40. Nepal
  41. Netherlands Antilles
  42. New Zealand
  43. Nigeria
  44. Oman
  45. Pakistan
  46. Philippines
  47. Poland
  48. Republic of Latvia
  49. Republic of Lithuania
  50. Romania
  51. Russian Federation
  52. Samoa
  53. Saudi Arabia
  54. Scotland
  55. Seychelles
  56. Singapore
  57. Slovak Republic
  58. Sri Lanka
  59. ST. LUCIA
  60. Sudan
  61. Tajikistan
  62. U. A. E.
  63. Uganda
  64. Ukraine
  65. United Kingdom
  66. U.S.A.
  67. Uzbekistan
  68. West Indies
  69. Yemen
  70. Zambia

To know the details of each country, city, and college name visit the official website here MCI-Recognised Countries. 

Is an Internship From Nepal Valid In India?

Yes, an internship from Nepal is valid in India. Those students who have completed their medical study in Nepal with an Internship don’t have to do any extra internship in India due to MCI Recognition.

As per the Screening Test Act 2002, students must have to complete their internship before appearing in the License examination of the Medical Council of India. 

In this case, students from Nepal are eligible to sit in the Screening Exam as all the medical colleges and universities of Nepal are recognized by MCI and the Embassy of India for medical studies.

Since the standard of medical study and internship is high and well regulated according to the standard of MCI, the internship from Nepal is valid in India.

In Nepal, except Kathmandu University all other medical institutions and universities require a compulsory internship in their own hospital. But in Kathmandu University and its affiliated medical college, there is a provision for Internship Transfer.

In the case of Internship Transfer, a student will complete their academic year in their respective medical college but they are free to do internship in their own country. 

During certificate collection, a document with 1 year of the internship has to be submitted which will be verified by KU Administration before handing over the medical degree.

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