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MCI Recognised Medical College in Nepal-MBBS/BDS/PG

  What Are "MCI Approved Colleges" for MBBS? MCI approved or recognized medical colleges are those medical colleges that are situated abroad and are verified by the Embassy of India for providing quality and standard medical studies outside India. Those students are only able to sit in screening test after completion of their medical studies from abroad medical colleges as per clause 4(1) of the Screening Test Regulation, 2002 which are recognized by the Medical Council of India. For the status of Recognized by MCI, it is a function of the Embassy of India as per the Screening Test Regulation 2002 to certify the medical college and universities of abroad to be qualified for enrolling Indian students. Candidate should always verify the status of Recognition of Medical College before enrollment as if the college is recognized by MCI then there is: 1.       issuance of Eligibility Certificate, 2.       Candidate are allowed to sit in Screening Test Exam 3.       St