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MECEE-PG Courses and Seats Distribution (Colleges) in 2022.

  In Nepal, there are different medical colleges and medical institutions that offer postgraduate studies. There are 10 medical Programme in Nepal in which post-graduate studies is available. This mainstream medical program is further divided into different subcategories for specialization. These mainstream PG programs available in Nepal are: M.Pharm MD Ayurveda MD/MS M.Optometry MPH MPhil MSc. MIT MN/Msc MDS MSc. (Microbiology & Biochemistry) How Many PG Seats Are Available In Nepal? In Nepal, there is 10 mainstream PG program with several categories in which post-graduate studies can be pursued. There is a total of 1724 medical PG seats available in Nepal. These seats include all the medical seats in M.Pharm, MD Ayurveda, MD/MS, M.Optometry, MPH, MPhil, MSc MIT, MSc, MN/MSc, MDS program . Medical seats available in Different PG program S. N PG Program Total Medical Seats 1. M.Pharm 89