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MECEE-BDS Entrance Exam Result 2021-Retotaling-Seats-Pdf

 MECEE-BDS Common Entrance Examination, which was conducted by Medical Education Commission on 24th-28th July has published the results.

This year, it was the first common entrance exam which was held for all the medical BDS seats available across medical Colleges in Nepal.

How many students passed in MEC-BDS Entrance Examination 2021?

MEC has published the result of BDS along with MBBS, BMLT, BAMS, BMIT, and B.Optometry on 5-August 2021.

In the year 2021 A.D (2078 B.S) as of entrance result, a total of 1791 students have passed the MEC Common Entrance Examination for the BDS program.

Download the PDF file of Entrance Exam Result 2021 below.

About MECEE-BDS Examination

In Nepal, after the formation of the Medical Education Commission, all the medical examinations are conducted by it.

Before different medical colleges offering medical seats in the BDS program were conducting their own entrance exam for enrollment of students in BDS medical seats.

Tribhuwan University and Kathmandu University were conducting an entrance exam of 100 marks for their affiliated medical college.

Whereas, B.P Koirala Institute of Medical College and Health science used to conduct 200 marks common entrance for MBBS and BDS program in single entrance exam for enrollment of aspirant in MBBS and BDS seats.

After the establishment of MEC, all the medical Entrance exam’s responsibility was handed over to MEC.


source: MEC

What if a student's BDS Entrance Score is not satisfactory?

Well not to worry here, MEC has given the window period for the medical students to re-appeal for their entrance exam score checking until the 12th of August 2021. 

Candidates who belives their entrance scores are less than expected, they can apply for RE-TOTALING. 

The applicant has to apply for re-totaling in a pre-defined format of re-totaling. 

An amount of NRs.1000/- has to be deposited in a bank to generate a voucher. 

MEC Bank Details


Himalayan Bank Limited



 A voucher copy and copy of Admit Card are required for Re-totaling form submission. The Re-totaling form format is available below.


MECEE-BDS Entrance exam re-totaling form
Pre-Defined Format for re-totaling 
Source MEC

Download the Pre-defined Format for Re-Totaling

How many BDS Seats are available in Nepal?

In Nepal, there are 14 different medical colleges that offer the BDS program.

Altogether there are 525 medical seats in Nepal in the BDS program distributed among 14 different medical colleges.

Out of 525 BDS seats, 110 BDS seats are under the scholarship category and 415 BDS seats are available under paying category.

Scholarship seats are further divided into General Scholarship seats and Reservation seats, whereas paying seats include Nepalese paying seats and foreign paying seats

Which Medical College Offers BDS Seats in Nepal?

Here is the list of the medical colleges in Nepal offering BDS seats.

MECEE-BDS Seats Distribution in Different Medical College 

1Maharajgunj Medical College196
4People's Dental College545
5Kantipur Dental College545
6Kathmandu Medical College545
7Chitwan Medical College436
8Nepal Medical College436
9College of Medical Science832
11Kist Medical College436
12Gandaki Medical College322
13Nobel Medical College327
14National Medical College32

For further detailed BDS seat distribution in different Categories and to know more about BDS study details in Nepal feel free to CLICK HERE.

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