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MECEE-BDS Entrance Exam Result 2021-Retotaling-Seats-Pdf

  MECEE-BDS Common Entrance Examination, which was conducted by Medical Education Commission on 24th-28th July has published the results. This year, it was the first common entrance exam which was held for all the medical BDS seats available across medical Colleges in Nepal. How many students passed in MEC-BDS Entrance Examination 2021? MEC has published the result of BDS along with MBBS, BMLT, BAMS, BMIT, and B.Optometry on 5-August 2021. In the year 2021 A.D (2078 B.S) as of entrance result, a total of 1791 students have passed the MEC Common Entrance Examination for the BDS program. Download the PDF file of Entrance Exam Result 2021 below. About MECEE-BDS Examination In Nepal, after the formation of the Medical Education Commission, all the medical examinations are conducted by it. Before different medical colleges offering medical seats in the BDS program were conducting their own entrance exam for enrollment of students in BDS medical seats. Tribhuwan University and

Scholarship and Open MBBS seats in Nepal 2022 Updated

In Nepal, there are several autonomous medical institutions and Universities which are conducting MBBS programme.  And there are 1835 Medical MBBS seats in Nepal. It includes all the MBBS seats distributed across the Medical institutions and Universities in Nepal . These MBBS seats are further divided into different categories. These are Paying seats and Scholarship seats.  Scholarship seats include both Reservation and Open scholarship seats, whereas other paying seats include both general paying seats and foreign paying seats.   Introduction In Nepal, the MBBS programme has been started in 1978. In the early period of the MBBS study, there were few medical colleges that were running under the affiliation of foreign medical universities Few were autonomous and few were under universities residing in Nepal. Later on, all the operational medical colleges were brought under the affiliation of universities residing in Nepal or made to run autonomously as an independent medical college.