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MEC-MBBS Common Entrance Result 2021 Pdf Download

 Here is the result of the Medical Education Common Entrance Examination (MECEE) conducted by the Medical Education Commission for enrollment of students in MBBS programs and colleges throughout the country, under the National Medical Act 2075.

Here is the pdf that you can download for a complete look at the result of the Medical Common Entrance Exam MBBS 2021. For the download button kindly scroll down to the end of this page.

For The MECEE-BL MBBS,BDS Common Entrance Exam Result 2022 published on 06-April Click Here MBBS Result 2022

Introduction to Medical Education Common Entrance Exam(MECEE)

 In Nepal, there had been a system of conducting the different entrance exams by different autonomous medical colleges and Universities. It has impacted medical studies throughout the nation. 

There have been many flaws that had to be dealt in order to maintain a healthy environment for medical studies aspirants.

The best way of reducing the demerit of individual medical entrance exam, Nepal Education Commission had purposed the way of Common Entrance Exam.

Though it took five years to the Nepal Medical commission to implement it effectively. In between, there has been a lot of protest for it. 

It was also included in the manifesto of protest done by all medical students against the medical mafia throughout the nation.

This medical common entrance exam is however also got impacted by global pandemic COVID-19, which lead to a delay in the entrance exams by more than 2 years. 

Medical Studies Having Common Entrance Exam

 In Nepal, Medical studies have been started since 1972 after the establishment of the Institute of Medicine under Tribhuvan University. 

After that several other medical colleges have been established in order to provide a platform to follow through bachelor medical studies. The offering bachelor medical study includes several programs such as:

  1. MBBS
  2. BDS
  3. BSc Nursing
  4. BASLP
  5. B Perfusion Technology
  6. BAMS
  7. BSc MLT
  8. BSc MIT
  9. BPT
  10. BPharm/
  11. B Optometry
  12. BPH (Bachelor in Public Health)
  13. BNS (Bachelor in Nursing Science) 

Exam Pattern Before Medical Education Common Entrance Exam

 Before the different medical college in Nepal which is affiliated to different universities used to conduct their own entrance exam. Here you can check a list of medical colleges and Universities in Nepal.

Each university had its own exam pattern and syllabus, which were mostly similar with slight differences. For instance

Syllabus In BPKIHS





           English and General Knowledge

Syllabus in Kathmandu University





Syllabus in Tribhuvan University





Syllabus in Patan Academy of Health and Science





           MAT (Mental Agility Test)

For details on each Syllabus, Eligibility, and Exam Pattern click here Admission in MBBS In Nepal 

Why There Is Need for Common Entrance Exam (MECEE)?

Soon after Nepal Education Commission Acted upon the Medical Act 2075, the committee was organized to conduct the common entrance exam. It is needed :

Due to Difference in Exam Patterns

As mentioned above all the medical colleges and universities had their own syllabus which made it difficult for the student. 

Despite of having similarities in the syllabus it had always created a mess in the study routine of medical students. 

For IOM and KU PCB was enough but when it came to BPKIHS students were supposed to study English and General Knowledge for Extra 50 marks, meanwhile, PAHS has its own pattern of asking questions from MAT (Mental Agility Test). PAHS also include Interview.

Due to Compact Exam Schedules

Due to such variation in the exam pattern mentioned above, each University and autonomous medical college used to conduct their own different Medical Entrance Exam at different points of time for enrollment of medical aspirants in different medical studies programs.

Because of it, there were several problems faced by students preparing for the medical entrance exam. In a single year, students were forced to attend four Medical Entrance Exam conducted by Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, BPKIHS, and PAHS.

It eventually made more difficult for the student to look over different pattern of medical entrance exam conducted by a different university in a very short period of time in between different entrance exams, rather increasing the efficiency of medical entrance exam aspirant it was all meant to increase pressure in students.

Due to High Entrance Form Fee

In addition to the mental burden, there was a financial issue too. Each medical entrance exam conducted by different Universities has to be applied independently which costs between 3500-5000 Nepalese rupees.

As per this situation, medical entrance aspirants have to spend about NRS 17000/- per year for just attending all the medical entrance exams conducted in Nepal in a single year.

Due to Less and Distributed Scholarship Seats

Last but not the least different medical entrance exam has reduced the number of scholarship seats in Nepal. With it, the greater challenge with medical entrance aspirants was that they could have exact confirmed medical seats in the medical entrance exam.

It was due to the same student scoring ranking marks in different universities' medical entrance exams. This had the impact that there was uncertainty in scholarship seat distribution in counseling of medical entrance aspirants

 You can check out the full list and details of Scholarship seats in MBBS in Nepal here.

Counseling After Medical Common Entrance Exam

 Within a week Nepal Medical Commission will be announcing the counseling dates for MBBS undergraduate program. The counseling will be completely online. Hence all the qualified aspirant has to fill the online form, mentioning the list of a medical college in priority order.

In the online form there is an option for ‘shuffle’ the medical college, so that, in case of students didn’t get the seat in respective selected college, they can be automatically switched to another medical college lower in their priority order

How to Confirm Medical Seat After Counselling? 

As soon as the Medical common entrance exam result is published, within in week process for counseling starts, and as per the counseling student select their respective college. 

To confirm a seat in Medical college under different universities or autonomous medical colleges, the student has to pay the first part of their installment in the bank account of the respective college. After doing so the medical seat is confirmed after the counseling.


Medical Education Common Entrance Exam Result(MECEE) 

pdf Download


To check MBBS-BDS-BASLP-Bsc.Nursing Common Entrance Exam Result 2022 

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