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Why Medical Students Should Learn How To Teach? Advantages

Teaching is a process of sharing information from one person to another person specifically from teacher to students. This is one of the classical definition of teaching, whereas there are multiple aspects of teaching that help a person to expand their skills rather than just as a profession.

More than a profession, teaching is a way to develop multiple skills that can help to build a multitasking person.

Teaching is not only confined in the area of a teacher, whereas student it can also practice teaching to enhance their skills. Skills such as being the more understandable person, getting better vocabulary, enhancing the memory power and most important learning twice.

It is simple as a person who teaches learns twice. 

To teach is to learn twice- Joseph Joubert


Why medical students should learn how to teach?

Medical education is considered to be one of the toughest educational course. There are several things that student has to learn during their medical education. Starting from a general introduction to the human body to advance complexity of neurology.

Among many study and theories about human body organization, there are several concepts that have to be as clear as crystal in the student's brain.

For a normal human brain, it is difficult to retain any kind of acquired information rather than basic survival and emotional information, for more than 10 days.

And here a teaching practice comes in a count.

Teaching doesn't always mean that one has to teach a student it can be practiced among students themselves.

To teach anyone it is mandatory that teacher must have adequate knowledge about related topics, this encourages student first to have as much as possible knowledge about the topic that they could possibly come up with before explaining it to anyone.

So, it is important for any student especially medical student to have some teaching practice in regular basis. Not only because of this but there are also much more advantages of including teaching practice in regular routine which are discussed down below.

Importance of teaching in a medical study

There is no doubt how much medical subjects are complicated. To understand and retain them for the long term, it is necessary for the student to have a core concept of those topics which can be improved by practicing teaching. For instance, in


Anatomy is a subject related to the study of human body organization that how the structures inside the body are placed and connected with other the anatomical structure of the body to function in unison.

It is almost difficult for everyone to remember the exact origin, organization, course and relations of each and every anatomical part of the human body.

For example, there are 206 bones in the human body and the medical student must know all parts of each bone including relations of those bones and tiny bony structure with different muscles, tendon, blood vessels and nerve passing through and around them. This can be a big job for them if they just try to memorize it at once, but if they try to explain these things to their classmate it will be easier for them to recall those minor topics with ease.


Pathology is a subject which deals with the genesis of disease from its molecular basis. Student has to learn about different aspects of disease more specifically gross and microscopic feature of the disease.

A medical student has to go through several numbers of disease during their medical study period and to memorize all the gross and microscopic feature of those diseases is always challenging.

It is obvious that student might get confused among those features as they appeared to be similar in most of the cases with slight but significant minor differences, which are necessary for differential diagnosis of a particular disease.

To have an absolute grip on this topics student have to repeat these topics more often but it is also well known that after studying for once it became one of the tedious job to revise it again and again.

But this can be done with a lot of fun by the means of teaching.

When a student is teaching someone about the specific characteristic of the disease, it is more beneficial for a student who teaches. As he will never miss out any important highlights and important marker of that specific disease.


Now here comes of the most hated but important subject. Pharmacology is a subject which deals with the two main mechanisms in our body, that is pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic. In simple word, it deals with the study of the response of administered drug and body toward each other. 

To be a good doctor the knowledge of medicine is a must.  And the medicine that student comes across during their medical study has multiple applications.  Different doses have different types of action.

For example, aspirin can work as analgesic, antipyretic and anticoagulant in different doses form. This doses form also depend upon BMR of the patient. So, to administer the correct drug according to patient’s compliance, the student must have clear knowledge about the drug.

Along with the multiple applications of a specific drug, they also come with the different life-threatening adverse effect which should not be mistaken by a medical student.

And no doubt it is going to be difficult to memorize all those drugs with their uses, doses, ADR, complications and contraindications. But these things can be made a bit easier with the help of the teaching and learning methods.


Microbiology is a subject which deals with the study of a microorganism which is invisible to the human eye. 

In a medical study, the student has to learn about various microorganism which is pathogenic to the human body. In this microbiology, the student has to study lab diagnosis in a sequential way, that is from collecting a sample to their lab testing and findings.  Every organism possesses their own unique microbiological findings, which can be difficult for a medical student to Remember.

 Well in this case also, repetition is necessary for multiple times which can be done by explaining this topics to a friend in a joyful way.

It is worth to mention here again during this teaching practice, it enhances their memorizing power and never let to miss out any important clinical findings for that specific microorganism.


Physiology is a subject in medical science which deals with the study of physiological processes inside the body. Which demonstrate, how the body machine works. To be more specific about this subject there is not more to memorize for a medical student instead it is completely based on conceptual understanding.

And as we know the best way to have a deeper concept is to know the exact mechanism of that specific system. To boost this concept and retain them for a longer period of time medical student have to repeat it again and again.

While explaining these concepts the speaker student can face counter-question asked by their friends which also help them to increase the boundary of their concept.


Biochemistry is a medical subject which deals with the different biochemical reaction inside the human body. The air that we inspire and the food that we ingest, everything has to through different chemical reactions to produce energy and keep the human body alive.

For a medical student just to know about the reaction is not enough, they have to know the details of the reactions, all the enzyme involved, all the energy produced and all the changes that it brings out with themselves.

And to remember all those involved reactions and biochemical changes can be difficult. And here the teaching and learning process comes to rescue. By explaining the same reaction and enzyme involved multiple time to different friends can help them to have a proper grip over the topic.


Advantage of Teaching in Overall

Better Vocabulary

Teaching process has a very important role in improving the vocabulary. As we know medical study is full of difficult words. In medical science, there is specific terminology for most of the medical situations.

To pronounce them accurately needs some practice. It is hard for a medical student to get the right pronunciation at once.

And here the teaching can help to get the correct vocabulary for the terminology used in Medical science, from the name of a drug to a severe clinical condition.


Well the best part of teaching is that it increases explaining skills of a person irrespective of their background, whether they are a normal art student or a medical student.

It is possible that a person can have a piece of good theoretical knowledge but they are not able to express their knowledge as they wanted.

And here over the period of a time teaching helps in such a way that student can upgrade themselves from a good student to a good teacher, remember that here the word TEACHER doesn't mean for a teaching profession. It is all about developing more interactive personality and developing some Social Skill.

Memory Booster

The one important thing that teaching improves in every person is there memorizing capacity. We all know our brain is much more capable then we could possibly imagine. it is not easy to get most out of it and here the teaching comes to save the game by increasing the memorizing capability.

To teach someone about any topic first of all the person himself have to be clear about that specific topic and while teaching he gets multiple revision of that specific topic.

Now I guess it won't be hard to imagine the command of a person or those topics. Especially in a medical study to be a good doctor one should have command over the topics and subjects in a curriculum as they count for someone's life in the coming future.

Reduces Public Fear

Students should always practice teaching among themselves and even when they are alone. It is because by doing so they developed the fluency of speaking; they know how to assemble required word spontaneously while giving a speech.

During the medical study itself, there are several projects that are student have to complete and present in front of hundreds of people. for instance, in medical study student are assigned for a community visit and after the completion of the tour, they have to come up with the data and findings, that they have found during their visit.

Those data have to be presented among the community people in real-time. In this scenario, most of the student face difficulty while demonstrating the presentation.

But for a student who has practiced teaching in their regular basis, it won't be a big deal. They can present whatever they want with their maximum efficiency. In this way, teaching can help them to overcome the public fear.

Viva Preparation

During the medical study, viva/oral examinations are found to be more stressful than a paper examination. To speak in front of a bench of a teacher could be really stressful. Most of the student because of their nervousness can't even remember the answer that they really know.

 Well in this condition if a student has practiced teaching methods during their regular days, it will be easier for them to come up with the more explanatory answer that the teacher might be looking for, whereas those who don’t, just forget it due to their nervousness.


Due to these several reasons, a student must practice teaching methods during their regular study period. Because of these advantages, the student must know how to teach as the teaching doesn't always refer to being a professional teacher rather it is about developing teacher like skills which helps to be more productive during the study period of life.

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