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How to lose weight practically in 2021? Calculatiion and Food

I guarantee everyone has had this same experience: you decide to lose weight, follow your plan for a day, hop on the scale the next morning and hallelujah! Progress! A pound cut right away. You’re happy and everything is great! Another day goes by and another pound is gone.  But then, After a few more days, you stop seeing the progress, and maybe you even observe a weight gain on certain days. How is it possible? Is my scale lying to me? After experiencing this myself, I did some research and calculations on how much weight we can actually lose per day and I want to share my findings with you. How Fast Can We Lose Weight? Practical Calculations Let's start with the basics - one gram of fat provides nine calories of energy. So, to lose one gram of fat, you need to create a 9-calorie deficit. Or, if you have a calorie deficit of 500 - you consume 1,500 calories and you spend 2,000 calories, meaning you'll lose 55 grams of fat every day. Just 55 grams or roughly 0.1 pounds. Th

10 Sleep Habits-Practice Now To Get Better Sleep Naturally

Sleep is one of the pillars of good health. The day that anyone expends awake completely depends on the quality of sleep that they had last night. One’s performance and productivity relays on sleep quality. So, it cannot be denied that maintain better sleep is one of concerned health-related issue. But it can be hard to get better sleep quality sometimes. Here are most effective medically proven 10 tips for how to get better sleep naturally with practically possible sleep habits and hygiene to boost sleep quality.   10 Recommended Sleep Habits   1# Sleep in a cool room, not a much cool but a colder temperature. So, the National Sleep Foundation actually recommends temperatures around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is roughly eighteen point five degrees Celsius. Now that does sound a little cold and I don't think I’ve ever slept in a room that cold, but I started to reduce the temperature in my room when I slept and I found that it makes a big difference. When my thermostat i

What is Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic-Efficacy/Potency

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are two pharmacological phenomenon that brings out the effect of the drug when administered in a biological system. Pharmacokinetics deals with the movement of drug administered which is accomplished in different steps: Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion. Pharmacodynamic s deals with the effect that drug shows when it is administered in the biological is dependent on factors like Potency, Efficacy, Bio-equivalent and Bio-availability.   Pharmacokinetics: How Drugs Move Through the Body   Pharmacokinetic is all about the movement of the drug inside the body as kinetic means movement. Once drugs are inside our body, how do they move around, and get to where they need to go? Do they stay in the body indefinitely, or are they eventually removed from the body somehow? The study of pharmacokinetics deals with precisely these issues, and in learning about this, we can highlight four main processes. Those are absorp

10 Worst Pandemic in Global History-Life Suffered

Pandemic is a condition in which any specific disease or infection crosses it geographical boundaries and spread all over the world. In the history of human life, there have been several times when the whole human race was under attack of single disease or infection throughout the globe. Those who cause more human losses and made human suffered were recorded as the worst pandemic. Here are the top 10 worst pandemic in global history in which life had suffered a lot. 1# The Antonine plague The Antonine plague sometimes referred to as the plague of Galen dates back to 165 C II. The Roman Empire was at its height and the plague Upton right at the beginning of the last good Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius. In his reign, the pandemic happened in two different waves. The first last until 180 affecting the entirety of the Roman Empire. The second occurred between 251 and266 C II and was even more intense and regarded as worst pandemic. Since it's ancient setting, we don't know

Sleep Cycle and Sleep Waves-Stages,Length,Disorders,sleep app

Sleep is naturally recurring states of reduced or absent consciousness and suspended sensory activity from which a person can be aroused by sensory or other stimuli. The whole process of sleep is completed in multiple series of cycles known as sleep cycle with different changes in cerebral activity recorded by an electroencephalogram as sleep waves.   Overview of sleep Cycle Introduction of Normal sleep cycle 2 types of sleep 4 stages of sleep cycle Sleep waves Sleep cycle length Sleep Cycle length by age and weight Sleep disorders Effect of Electronic on sleep cycle Do sleep cycle monitoring app works?   What is Sleep Cycle? (Introduction) Soon after a person sleep, they go through a series of REM and non-REM type of sleep stages which completes their one sleep cycle. In the night there are multiple cycles of sleep which is of 90 minutes each. In humans the sleep/wake cycle is controlled by light by activating the suprachiasmatic nucleus. The suprachiasma