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101 Amazing Medical Facts and Mythbuster

Now a day’s information is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. There has been a great role of different social media for making this information assessable to everyone. But it is the same social media that has created a lot of mis-concept about applied medical knowledge in day to day life. Here is a list of 101 medical facts out of countless medical facts.

In this list along with several medical facts, there are some medical MythBusters too, which is almost believed since childhood but in reality, and applied medical life, they have no ground base.

101 Amazing Medical Facts

These are 101 medical facts that one should acknowledge as these are more likely to encounter in daily life.

  1. Vaccines work in all disease cases.
  2. Ten per cent of our world population is left-handed.
  3. One’s hair and nails do not continue to grow after death.
  4. Organic food is not healthier as we think.
  5. Sitting close to the TV is not bad for your eyes.
  6. Aspartame is safe to use.
  7. Sugar does not make children hyperactive.
  8. A little alcohol is not good for your heart.
  9. High levels of LDL cholesterol can cause heart disease.
  10. The coronavirus is not a man-made virus.
  11. Pharmaceutical industry is not a global conspiracy.
  12. Exercise can help you lose weight and stay fit.
  13. There is a lot of bad medical research for weight loss which has no impact on weight loss.
  14. Intermittent fasting is as good as eating a bit less than normal.
  15. Nothing exists as a truth serum in the real world.
  16. Good friends are good for your health socially and mentally.
  17. Your mouth produces 1 litre of saliva each day.
  18. You should go for a walk every will maintain many of body mechanics.
  19. The average human does not ingest 8 spiders in a year.
  20. Eating less meat and more vegetables is the best option.
  21. Some people can actually be allergic to exercise.
  22. Blowing hot air up your nostrils will not kill the coronavirus.
  23. It worked for me is not scientific evidence.
  24. Cracking your knuckles will not give you Arthritis.
  25. The word muscles come from the mouse.
  26. Correlation is not causation.
  27. A patient from the second trimester a baby shows a clear preference for one hand.
  28. Vaccines do not cause autism.
  29. Homeopathy is useless in most of cases, almost all cases.
  30. Stress is not the cause of high blood pressure.
  31. People with mental health issues are not more violent than other people.
  32. An abnormal lab test result does not automatically mean you're sick.
  33. Coffee does not dehydrate you.
  34. You don't have to eat breakfast.
  35. Eating garlic will not prevent or cure corvid 19.
  36. Eating peanuts before the age of three does not increase the risk of getting a peanut allergy.
  37. Coffee does not stunt growth the human.
  38. Human eye can see 1 million different colours.
  39. Antidepressants have little to no effecting mild depression.
  40. Acupuncture has no significant effect.
  41. Step counters do not help you lose weight.
  42. In the human body left lung is smaller than the right lung.
  43. The suicide rate is not higher during Christmas.
  44. There is no scientific evidence that we only use 10% of our brains.
  45. A hemisphere of the brain can be completely removed and the person can have a normal life.
  46. People with mental illnesses can’t snap out of it by trying harder.
  47. It’s ok to sleep after a concussion.
  48. The juice or tea cleanse will not detoxify your body.
  49. Certain drug overdoses may require detoxification at a hospital.
  50. HIV did not jump to humans because of human monkey sex.
  51. Smoking causes cancer and heart disease.
  52. Only a small number of people with Tourette's syndrome swear randomly.
  53. Omega-3 supplements are generally unnecessary.
  54. Chewing gum doesn’t stay in your stomach for up to 7years.
  55. You can't catch an STD from a toilet seat or a bus seat.
  56. Multivitamin supplements are generally unnecessary.
  57. Your blood makes up about 8 per cent of your body weight.
  58. Sugar is not poisonous.
  59. The human, formation of fingerprint starts within three months of conception.
  60. Consuming too much sugar can cause obesity.
  61. Eating carrots does not give you better night vision.
  62. Your prayers and thoughts don't help other people.
  63. Antiperspirants do not cause breast cancer.
  64. Pregnant women should not eat for two.
  65. More than 200 viruses are found to be responsible to cause common cold.
  66. The heart beats more than three billion times in the average human lifespan.
  67. Your tongue is made out of eight muscles.
  68. People with mental illnesses are much more likely to be victims of violent crimes.
  69. An apple a day cannot keep the doctor away.
  70. Waiting in the dark does not damage your eyes.
  71. Misuse of antibiotics causes antibiotic resistance.
  72. Men don't think about sex every seven seconds.
  73. You don’t need to drink six or eight glasses of water a day.
  74. Violent video games don’t make you violent.
  75. Men can get breast cancer too.
  76. Sitting is not as dangerous as smoking.
  77. Sitting too much is bad for your health.
  78. Stress does not cause ulcers.
  79. Shaving is not responsible for hair to grow back thicker.
  80. Eating an egg, a day does not raise your heart risk.
  81. Globally alcohol kills more people than the people killed by drug administration in combined.
  82. The most common suicide method among women is hanging.
  83. In a day normal person takes 5000+ decisions.
  84. Humans are the only animals with chins.
  85. Your heart doesn't stop beating whenever you Sneeze’s.
  86. Eating ice cream does not make your cold worse.
  87. Cardiovascular disease kills more women than any type of cancer.
  88. Honey is not healthier than sugar.
  89. Brown sugar is not healthier than white sugar.
  90. Brain cells do regenerate.
  91. Inner ear piercing does not cure migraines.
  92. The five-second rule when dropping food is false.
  93. The part of the human body which is truly deprived of blood is Cornea.
  94. Your blood does not turn blue when it's out of oxygen.
  95. Microwaved food does not cause cancer.
  96. Swimming after eating does not cause cramps.
  97. Eating at night does not cause obesity.
  98. Babies do not get a fever when teething.
  99. Cough syrups don't work.
  100. Wisdom teeth serve no purpose.
  101. Medical Facts Never Ends.

Medical science is always based on science and its applied aspect. But it also has its exception in nature too. And because of the exceptional aspect, there have been many distorted concept.

This was the list of 101 Medical facts which are more common and encountered in daily life.

To be clear there are countless medical facts that are been misunderstand. They can be a result of the misuse of social media or lack of proper medical knowledge. These medical facts are just to make those misconcepts clear.


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