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What is Hoffmann's Sign Test/Reflex? hoffman's sign positive vs MS vs Babinski Sign

What is Hoffmann’s sign or Hoffmann’s Reflex? Hoffmann’s sign is a test for pathological disorder in upper motor neuron reflex as seen in cervical myelopathy when the spinal cord in the cervical spine gets compressed and chances are that the patient will exhibit pathological reflexes. The Hoffmann’s sign is also known as a digital reflex, snapping reflex, Jacobson sign and trauma sign. It clearly demonstrates the lesion in the pyramidal tract even with asymmetric clinical findings along with presence of different reflexes. According to Grivalja from 2015 it has a sensitivity of 59 and a specificity of 49%. How to Perform Hoffmann’s Sign Test ·              The patient may be sitting or standing. support the patient's hand so that it is completely relaxed, with the fingers partially flexed. Hold the patient hand gently and firmly, Then grasp the patient's middle figure proximal to the distal interphalangeal joint. Then flick the patient's nail of the midd

101 Interesting Facts about The Brain

The one thing that has changed the world, that made human to leave the Earth into Cosmos, brought the human race from wildlife to Era of Artificial Intelligence. Yes, all these credits goes to a powerful organ that human have and known to the world as The Brain. It is a brain that nothing seems impossible. And here we have a list of 101 facts about the brain. 101 Brain fact which include the facts from Evolution of the brain to Einstein’s brain organization. List of 101 Interesting Facts about The Brain 1. The brain is a large squishy organ located in the head, which is the scientific term for the Noggin. It serves as the centre of the nervous system. 2. Well the nervous system is a complex network of nerve cells that coordinate an individual's actions and behaviour by transmitting signals both to and from different parts of the body. 3. In vertebrates i.e. us, the nervous system is comprised of two main sections known as the central nervous system and the peripheral n

101 Amazing Medical Facts and Mythbuster

Now a day’s information is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. There has been a great role of different social media for making this information assessable to everyone. But it is the same social media that has created a lot of mis-concept about applied medical knowledge in day to day life. Here is a list of 101 medical facts out of countless medical facts. In this list along with several medical facts, there are some medical MythBusters too, which is almost believed since childhood but in reality, and applied medical life, they have no ground base. 101 Amazing Medical Facts These are 101 medical facts that one should acknowledge as these are more likely to encounter in daily life. Vaccines work in all disease cases. Ten per cent of our world population is left-handed. One’s hair and nails do not continue to grow after death. Organic food is not healthier as we think. Sitting close to the TV is not bad for your eyes. Aspartame is safe to use. Sugar does not make children

Nepal Medical College|MBBS|BDS|Nurshing| Prospectus PDF

Nepal Medical College- Location It is situated in Attarkhel of Gokernashwor Municipality, Kathmandu. It commands a panoramic view of Gokarna Park to the east, and Gokarneshwor temple lies to the north. The hospital is NMC is linked to various parts of the city by microbus services that ply from it at frequent intervals. Taxi services are also available. Vision The vision set by Nepal Medical College is to educate and train health professionals who are competent, caring and compassionate in the medical field. Doctors and Nurses who devoted to the medical profession; serve patients with a smile, show empathy and are NMCll versed in the preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health. NMC aims to develop young and new minds that are curious about the latest developments in health, and who have the moral ethics to stand up for what is right. This institution is the first Nepalese undertaking in the field of Medical Education in Nepal. It is a self-sustainable institutio