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Advantages and Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal.

8 - Advantages/Disadvantages for studying MBBS in Nepal

Selecting a country for studying MBBS is an important topic to be considered. 
For Nepal, here is 8 important advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS, that should be considered before getting admission in Nepal for MBBS. 

When you are looking for medical colleges in abroad for MBBS study, Nepal will be always an option. Even if you are a citizen of Nepal and looking for medical college abroad still Nepal can be considered.

But before you get into any medical college of Nepal. You must know some fundamental advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal.

Well every existing thing in the world has pros and cons of its own.
Here we will be discussing some of the important fundamental parameters that anyone willing to study MBBS, should considered before selecting Medical College of Nepal to pursue MBBS career.

We have come out the list of 8 advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal.

Let's begin with an overview of both Advantages and Disadvantages.



Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal

Advantages of studying MBBS in Nepal


Fewer Scholarship seats

Fair Exam conducted once a year


High Investment

Well-Managed Medical Colleges


Poor Installment structure

No extra internship


Extra charge/Donation

Well Equipped Hospital


Course Complexity and variation

Standard Syllabus


Language problem

Easy to learn the language


International Validity

Less course duration of MBBS


Income /Investment ratio


 Let's begin with,

The Disadvantage of studying MBBS in Nepal

1. Fewer Scholarship Seats

For the student who wants the MBBS program in a scholarship, Nepal might not be a good place to pursue it. 

Every year 7000 to 8000 student appears in the entrance exam conducted throughout the nation and among them, only 2000 student get a chance to be admitted to Medical College among them, and only 250 students get a scholarship to a different Medical College.

For Foreign Students there are even fewer Scholarship seats. Although there is provision for scholarships under different scholarship schemes by the Ministry of Education Nepal that's not enough.

For more details about Scholarship available in Nepal and related procedure 
Also Read: Scholarship in Nepal for MBBS

2. High Investment

In Nepal, there is 20 private medical college, 2 governmental colleges, and 2 autonomously operating Medical Colleges. 

Here it is clear that the number of Private medical colleges is much higher. Which makes private medical colleges dominate the medical community.

On average for the MBBS program under a full payment scheme, for each medical seat private college charges around 55 lakh excluding other extra free such as registration fee, form fee, exam fee, etc. With all mentioned Charges it rounds up to 60 lakhs.

For foreign students, there is a different Fee Structure. Especially for Indian students, the fee amount is in Indian Rupee. That means they have to pay 6 Million Indian rupees.

3. Poor Installment Structure 

Charging more for an MBBS seat is one of the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal, that we have recently discussed.50% of the total amount which on average is NRs. 30 lakh has to be paid as the first installment and the rest of the 50% has to be paid in the other two an installment in consecutive years.

This installment is quite higher for a student from a low financial background. Whereas countries like Bangladesh, China, Russia, and Pakistan have easy small installments. so it can also be one of the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal.

4. Extra Charges/Donations 

Despite having a heavy cost for the medical seat, the private medical college charges 5 to 10 lakh extra fee for confirmation of a medical seat. Governmental college like the Institute of Medicine, KUSMS, PAHS, and BPKIHS don't charge extra amounts.

These extra charges can be a deal-breaker for many students struggling through the economical crisis.

Well from 2019 A.D, after mas protest against the monopoly of private medical college Government of Nepal have implemented strict laws for medical college regarding fee structure to tackle their donation issue.

 5Course Complexity and Variation

There is no doubt the course in Nepal for MBBS is according to the standard medical guideline.

In Nepal, there are different universities following their own medical syllabus which are different in several aspects.
There is a lot of variation in syllabus patterns than the rest of other medical institutes in Nepal. For instance, Patan Institute of Health Science has quite a different syllabus the rest of the medical collage In Nepal.
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
  • Community-Based Learning and Education (Residential Community Posting)
  • Lectures/Seminar
  • The lab works/Practical Classes/Demonstrations
  • Clinical Presentation
  • Clinical Classes
  • Small-Group Sessions
  • Practical Skills Teachings
  • Self-Directed Learning
Among these techniques, Problem Based Learning (PBL), and Clinical Presentation Curriculum (CPC) with little gathering meetings, just as Community Based Learning and Education (CBLE) is the chief training learning strategy embraced for the PAHS MBBS program.

6. International Validity

  • The syllabus for MBBS in Nepal is standard. 
  • It includes all the teaching and learning processes in the English language. 

However, Students passing the license exam from the Nepal Medical council are allowed to practice in a country like India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. But it is not valid in developed countries.

This confined area is for medical practice for a student from Nepal.

Well, it also depends upon the diplomatic affairs of Nepal internationally.

7. International Validity.

If you are a student from outside of Nepal. It is just for you. To be more precise this problem is faced by any student looking to abroad study. 

Even there is plenty of medical seats for foreign student and the whole medical syllabus is covered in the English language. It is always difficult for foreign students to adopt or learn a new language like Nepali.

8.Income /Investment ratio

The medical profession (Doctor) is a noble profession but income also matters for survival irrespective of the nation you belong to.

What is the salary of an MBBS doctor and How much they are paid?

Studying MBBS in Nepal it takes an investment of NRs. 60 to 70 lakh. While the salary of an MBBS doctor starts from NRs. 20000 to 30000. Which is even lower in comparison to other parallel bachelor's degrees.

This has made narrow room for MBBS doctors to get paid well.

The Advantage of studying MBBS in Nepal.

1. Well Facilitated Medical Colleges

Nepal has got a list of the best medical college. As compared to medical colleges which are offering MBBS programs at the lowest price, Nepal has colleges with international standards.

Doctors from Nepal can practice in several countries without any extra internship.

Out there in countries like Bangladesh and China, most of the colleges with cheap MBBS package does clinic demo on dummies whereas in Nepal from the first year of MBBS study student have to perform on Cadaver.

2. Fair Entrance Exam Conducted Once A Year

Before 2022 in Nepal every year four medical entrance exam is conducted for selecting student for the MBBS program. Here are the details of the

This increased number of entrance exam help students, not lose their year for admission. Which turns out to be an advantage for studying MBBS in Nepal.

From 2022 MECEE-BL Common Entrance Exam is being conducted throughout the nation at once. Now onwards (2022 A.D) there is only one entrance exam for enrollment of students in the MBBS program.

3. Standard Medical Syllabus

In Nepal, all the teaching and learning process is done in the English language. The books included in the MBBS curriculum are standard textbooks of medicine by world-renowned authors.

For example, the Tribhuvan University Medical syllabus is organized in phase a pattern. In each phase, the student has to secure at least a pass mark to be eligible for promotion to the next phase. This ensures the quality of students as future Doctors.

4. Well Equipped Hospitals

The status of the hospital is one of the most important factors for the medical student.

Some of the colleges have several hospitals in different regions of Nepal.

Several hospital visits are scheduled during the MBBS course and the whole internship program is conducted in hospitals by each medical college and university.

This enhances student ability to deal with the patient from the very beginning and increases their medical experience. 

This is one of the major advantages of studying MBBS in Nepal that students should look for.

5. Short Duration of MBBS Course

In Nepal, the duration of the MBBS course is also shorter than in many countries. years and 6 months which also includes an internship period. 5 years is one of the standard times for Student to complete their undergraduate programs.

This is an important thing for those students willing to have further higher studies.

6. Easy To Learn Language 

Studying MBBS abroad always bring a problem with language adaptation for the foreign student.
But it is worth mentioning that Nepali is not as hard to learn as some other languages are.

Countries like Bangladesh, China, the Philippines, and Russia which also offer Medical seats for foreign students have a mandatory requirement for their own native language. 

And in some of the countries make student learn their language for severe months, which ultimately increases the duration of the overall medical course.

But in Nepal, learning the Nepali language is not that necessary, even little knowledge is enough just like the Know to Basic type. This turnout to be one of the advantages of studying MBBS in Nepal for foreign students.

7 No Extra Internship

The degree provided by Nepal for MBBS is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, and MCI, which increases the credibility of this degree.

Whereas Licence from Nepal Medical council is recognized by many SAARC countries which require NO EXTRA Internship.

This saves an extra period of time for the student, which can be used for other purposes like PG entrance, Governmental jobs, etc.

8. Weather - Student Friendly 

Nepal is a country that is enriched in topographic and ecological variation. Despite being a small country, Nepal has covered three major topographic regions which include a 
  • The Himalayan region with cold climate, 
  • Hilly region with a moderate climate, 
  • Tarai region with little hot climate.

In Nepal, medical colleges are distributed throughout the nation covering all of the topographic regions. This brings variation in climatic conditions throughout the whole year.

Besides this Nepal has got several tourists and worth visiting places that can also help students to take a small break. Well everyone knows how much studying can be a tedious job.


It is a very important decision to make the correct choice for medical college. As it will define the person who you are going to be in the future. 

The medical Profession is not just about one's career rather it is about hundreds and thousands of person's life. So it is necessary for every student to have double-checked on Medical College that you are willing to get into.

Hope this information has been helpful for you if you are thinking of Medical College of Nepal for your MBBS studies.


So here are recommendations of medical colleges In Nepal.
This Ranking is done on the basis of: 
  • Recently conducted a student survey of different medical college
  • College performance 
  • College Hospital Facility
  • Teachers Review.

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