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How to Crack NEET 2021 [6 Action Plan during Covid-19]

How to Crack NEET 2021

Searching how to crack NEET 2021, you are at the right place. Before both of us begin I would like to say as becoming a doctor is a life-changing approach and decision which is going to be your identity for the rest of your life, so take a time to read this article. As this 10 minutes of reading can help your dream come true.
Here we have come up with our 6 Action Plan chain that will guide you to crack NEET 2021.
  1. A perfect strategy
  2. Ultimate concentration
  3. Notes (Weapon)
  4. Time management
  5. Practice MCQ
  6. Confidence
Before proceeding further first I would like you to imagine a moment when you are wearing a white apron, beneath stethoscope surrounding your neck, walking through a corridor of a hospital that you could ever imagine. Just feel the glory, pride and respect of that moment and I can guarantee you, at last, it will be YOU.

As a student appearing in NEET, it is not just about entrance exam; it is a like a WAR that you are going to fight and to win the war one needs preparation and guidance to make their each step toward their victory in a proper direction.

As I stated cracking NEET  is more like a war, I mean it.
As war has :

  • Opponent,
  • Strategies,
  • Preparation,
  • Battles so does NEET has.


  • Opponent
NEET is an open platform. Your opponent is not NEET entrance exam rather they are those students who are preparing for it, maybe equivalent to you or more than you.
Those who are not equivalent to your level or below, they simply don’t count.

  • Strategy
For NEET you have to come across many obstacles so without proper strategy cracking NEET is impossible.

  • Preparation

For it just a Quote
Battle is won during preparation, fighting in a field is just a Formality 
hope you got the concept of it we will discuss on it very soon.

  • Battles
During the preparation of your NEET entrance exam, you have to come across several obstacle. Which you have to take care of to achieve your ultimate goal that is being a doctor.

I think till now you have understood what are we going through but I would like to mention just for the sake, here we are not giving any NEET cracking hack like:
  • Switch off mobile
  • Study more
  • Be isolated and so on.
Well  these things count too but here we are going through something big more than shortcuts.
As you must understand Shortcut is not the way you can pursue being a doctor through NEET entrance exam.
To deal with this huge WAR here our Action Plan comes in.

1. A Perfect Strategy

When you are preparing for your medical entrance exam and you don't have a strategy that means you are shooting Arrow in the dark, which may not hit spot all the time.
So there is a great importance of strategy when you are preparing for your medical entrance exam.
Why Strategy?

  • Strategy show you the path which you have to follow to achieve your goal 'Doctor'.
  • Strategy make your vision clear what you have to do after achieving a certain milestone.
While preparing you should evaluate yourself time to time just to check whether you have done any progress or not and for this measurement strategic comes in.

  • Without a strategy you cannot evaluate your progress what you have done so far.

It just not only show you the clear vision about your goal and the path but also,

  •  increases your efficiency and doesn't let you go out of the track anywhere.
After some time interval you might think you cannot achieve your goal within your timeline, in this situation strategy, helps you by showing your step-by-step approach towards your goal.
A perfect strategy can decrease your fear of preparation when you are preparing.

There are several subjects for which  you have to refer many books which might make your timeline more compact and here the strategy can help you to cope up with the time management with each of your subjects.
As I have stated cracking NEET entrance is just like a war which contain several battle to be won.

  • That means you have several subjects and in each subject, you have to masters them all.
  • The way you approach those subject will be always different from one another as per your need and capability.
For instance if you are good at biology then, of course, you will spend less time studying that.
If you are poor in  physics which is more likely then you have to invest your more time in physics.
The way how you approach towards the derivation, numerical solution and concept will be different than studying a text for a biology or chemistry in this condition the strategy makes a huge difference while you are preparing to crack NEET.

2.Ultimate concentration

It is that important factor of entrance preparation which is hard to carry on for the longer period of time.
 But it is worth mentioning that with focus there comes longer duration of concentration and with concentration there comes consistency and consistency is a key crack to  NEET entrance examination.
When you are preparing it is hard to focus on study most of the time.
With the fresh mindset when you start your preparation, everything goes well for a couple of weeks then the daily job of studying become very boring and tedious. Then you start to lose focus.
Sooner after that, it seems like everything is falling apart, and as it is entrance preparation its impact is even greater.

Why students lose concentration?

The main reason behind losing concentration is the lack of ultimate motivation.
  • Most of the time student are motivated from an external factor.
  • As soon as those factor effects get low Student start to lose focus and with this, they lose their consistency that destroys their confidence and timeline.

For the maintenance of ultimate concentration you should always remember Why you want to be a Doctor.
This will drive the Urge of energy inside your body to do a boring job again and again.

We should always avoid PSEUDO-STUDY.

  • This will bring difference in hard work and smart work. Well everyone has a limited time period for preparation so you should always go for smart study, which will be worthy for scoring high rank in the medical entrance exam to get into top medical colleges.
Here is a list of TOP 100 MEDICAL COLLEGE where you probably need to Go.
One of the key to crack NEET entrance examination or any medical entrance examination is practice.
As a student when you cover the whole syllabus for once.
During its revision you will definitely be less concentrated, as your brain keeps on telling you that you have already studied all the topics.

But one reading is not enough. You will definitely lack knowledge of mini headings for which you have to revise.
For this concentration is very important to maintain your consistency with syllabus even during revision. 


To win a war one should choose weapon very precisely as the weapon is a most important thing that decide victory or defeat. So for the entrance preparation, the best weapon that everyone must have is a correct set of Notes.
Well most of student find it boring and a waste of time.

Why note is necessary?

There are thousands of book available in the market, several materials that you can follow and a lot of references that you can have but it is not appropriate for the last hour preparation.
And here note comes in.

  • When you have a few hours to the exam you cannot review your whole course by revising your different books. It is just impossible. That is why making the right set of note is very important.
  • Once note is ready you can boost your performance by many folds.
  • It will decrease your revision time without leaving anything behind.
  • Self made notes have a greater visual impact on brain .in some cases you can even visualize your page of note
  • Note making is the backbone of the study.
  • Right set of note can help you to crack entrance with good rank.
But few things that you should consider before writing the note

  • You are not should be conceptual
  • You not must be correct and enrich with facts
  • You note must be handy rather than bulky

4.Time management

As a student of an entrance examination if you don't know the importance of TIME then you are nowhere in the field of entrance examination. 
Time management is that most important thing that can create an impact on your position in the medical entrance examination.
Everyone has 24 hours in a day, the thing that makes a difference between you and a person who will crack NEET medical entrance will be the expense of these hours in preparation for cracking NEET.
TIME plays an important role in both during preparation and actual Exam.

During preparation
You always have a limited time period as  Preparation is a Never-Ending Process.
The more you revise the more you learn.
In fact, if you study a paragraph multiple time then each time you will have more detail knowledge.
Studying for once doesn't count at all especially for a student who belongs to entrance community.
For better use of the time, you must divide your day for each of the subject.
Studying one subject for a whole day will be an exhausting job but with the variation of the subject in a single day it won't be boring.
This will lead you to cover most of the topic from different subjects, which will help you to gain confidence while solving mock paper from the beginning.
You don't have to cover all subject before attempting any mock test paper.

In Exam
Time management does not only concerned with how you study during your preparation but it has also an important role to play when you are appearing in the medical entrance exam to crack NEET.

  • Even if you have all the required answer for the question but you don't know how to use time, you might end up in third, fourth and letter on pages of merit list.
  • To get your name on the top of the merit list you must know how to use your time wisely.
  • For each question you have your on-time limit within that time window you have to make your answer to attempt all the question asked in the examination.
This is a skill that can only be developed by practice.
More you practice MCQ with a time limit, you will be able to answer each and every question asked in NEET entrance examination.

5. Practice MCQ

Always remember MCQ follow rule of "All or None"
Either you get 100%  mark or 0% mark. There is no in-between marks as subjective question have.
It doesn't matter how much you study, how much you have got command over subjects. Unless you do MCQ practice.
Along with the text study, you must have to manage a portion of your day dedicated to MCQ practice.
Iron gets destroyed by its own Rust 
if you don't use iron it will get rusted and more you use it it will last long.
Similarly when you study text that is your half of work only practising MCQ will make job done.

  • When you are appearing in the exam at that moment you cannot recall all of your text but MCQ can be triggered at that very moment.
  • You will remember the answer when you see familiar question as-it-is instantly triggered.
When you are studying it is not possible you will have all detailed knowledge of it and here MCQ comes to rescue

  • While practising MCQ you will definitely encounter some questions that are not in your text that is why it is important to practice.
The Question that differentiates an excellent student from an average student, can only be practised via MCQ solving.
In most of the case critical question are excluded by the student during the study because of its complexity and through MCQ practice you can Phase Through its complexity by just knowing its answer.
This will be enough to get your position in merit list.

Always remember Past MCQ are key to the entrance exam.
No matter how much question selector does variation which question they will always ask past MCQ.
They also have the intention to make more student to pass the entrance exam so that all the seats in medical college get filled with admission.
So practising MCQ is necessary.
In doing so you will also know about the Pattern & Type of Question asked from each chapter of the subject and you will be familiar to them as well.

6. Confidence

Can you imagine winning a war without confidence, that you can really win.
As your Journey begins, the thing that will fluctuate all the time, is your confidence
You will always face ups and down with it.

  • When you begin to study after a week you will find there is a huge syllabus to cover, your confidence will fluctuate.
  • During your journey when you studied for several hours but you are unable to solve single tricky MCQ from your friend, your confidence will shatter.
  • When you start your first revision but you are unable to relocate topics, your confidence will be in delirious.
  • When you studied hard for a month but you get lost in the syllabus, your confidence will be nowhere.
  • When you to find you took a whole day to cover a single topic but your friend did the same in an hour, your confidence turns into Frustration.
I can enlist hundred of such scenario when you will lose your confidence but what I would like to say It is all about You no One Else.
You should keep your confidence in higher orbit to pursue your goal.
Well everyone has the same goal to crack NEET and everyone has to go through the same route, but there is a chance:
  • Someone started the journey earlier and someone later,
  • someone may have a car,
  • someone may have a bike and,
  • someone has to just walk. 
But at the end, everyone will reach the same checkpoint where the journey of entrance exam ends.
So it doesn't matter how you begin but you have to end it well.
And this can be done by maintaining a positive attitude and enjoying the journey.
Here is the other side of the above scenario:

  • Even if there is a huge syllabus but you stick to your strategy you will end it within your time limit.
  • It is OK you were not able to answer a tricky question but you know the answer to several common questions which are asked more often in NEET.
  • It is normal if you don't recall from your first study, as per the survey of Harvard University in first attempt normal brain grab 35% of knowledge, revision increases it exponentially.
  • If friend of your's cover a topic in an hour that is fine, it simply means his weapon has got more sharp edges the yours which can also have over multiple practice.
At last, all will be same.
So never lose confidence whatever the situation is, it is always you who can help yourself.


I can bet above mentioned tactics will help you to win your war to crack NEET in 2021.
I can say, this journey is not going to be easy.
It needs more investment and sacrifices on the physical, mental, emotional and social basis that you could ever imagine but believe me, at last, all your effort will be counted and for sure they will pay you off.
I was also once part of same entrance community and all these came out of experience.
This the article will not just help you for cracking the NEET entrance exam but also for your rest of medical journey.
Cracking NEET entrance exam it just the beginning of your journey. It is not THE END.

If you need a reference regarding your subject matter feel free to visit our HomePage, we got a lot more to share.

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