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Admission in Nepal for MBBS |Stepwise-Guide| CEE

Admission in Nepal for MBBS is a simple process for either  Nepalese or foreign candidate.
In Nepal, there are altogether 4 entrance conducted every year.
Two entrance exam is conducted by University present in Nepal (TU/KU) and two of the other entrance exam are conducted by Two autonomously operating Medical College in Nepal (BPKIHS/PAHS).
Admission in Nepal for MBBS |Stepwise-Guide| CEE

Admission process in Nepal for MBBS follow the standard procedure of Entrance exam followed by counselling before confirming MBBS seat. The process differs from one institution to another.

Well, Admission in Nepal for MBBS through entrance exam is different for Nepalese candidate and foreign candidate.
Though they have to appear in the same entrance exam but the process of applying for it is different.
The process of admission in MBBS in Nepal also depend upon the colleges and University which are offering MBBS degree program
There are two University in Nepal, which has provided affiliation to 15 plus Private  Medical College and there are two Autonomous Medical College are operating independently.

Here is the list Top 10 medical college in Nepal with the list of all the affiliated private medical colleges under Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University.

For the admission procedure, the student must have this information for getting admission in Nepal for MBBS.

  • Eligibility criteria
  • How to apply,
  • about entrance exam,
  • about counselling,
  • confirming the seat.
ALL these Medical college and University have a different pattern for the:

  •  Application form,
  • Entrance exam pattern
  • Counselling pattern

Student has to meet these criteria for holding MBBS seat at their respective colleges.

Eligibility criteria for Admission in MBBS

These eligibility criteria are almost the same for both Nepalese and foreign students.

  • Age: applicant must be between 17-40 years old.
  • Must have valid and legal citizenship or passport.
  • Applicant must have scored a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology each and also 50% in aggregate.


  • a minimum of C+ in Physics, Chemistry, Biology each, minimum of C in the remaining subjects and 2.4 GPA in aggregate

For other courses with a different grading system, the mentioned percentage equivalent grading will be taken.

  • Applicant should be NEET qualified (Indian students)

Required Documentation

These documents are required while filling the Application form and are also mandatory to be brought during counselling to confirm admission in the MBBS program.

  1. +2 original mark sheet/transcript
  2. Character certificate
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Valid and legal citizenship/passport
  5. Passport size colour photo
  6. NEET score (Indian student)

Process for Admission in Nepal for MBBS -Tribhuvan University

Application form
~Application form for admission in MBBS is opened in the month of July which is is one month prior to the entrance exam.
~Application form is filled and submitted online.
~Application form charges NRS 3500.
This amount should be deposited in Himalayan Bank limited before applying for admission form as the deposit voucher is mandatory to submit with the online application form.
~Admit card is printed on the site of IOM, one week before the entrance exam

Entrance Exam
~It is an entrance exam conducted by Tribhuvan University for its affiliated Medical College.
~ it is conducted in the month of August-September, it is subjected to change according to Tribhuvan University.

Questions paper 
~100 questions; the total worth of 100 marks, holding one mark per question is asked.
~There is no negative marking, student should attempt every question to score more marks.
~The question paper shares the mark such as 

  • 20 physics 
  • 30 chemistry 
  • 50 biology(25 for botany and 25 zoology this may vary sometime).

~Duration of entrance exam 120 minutes.
Merit list of the passed candidate is published within 3-4 days entrance exam.
There is a new provision of online counselling in which student have to sign in and choose their Medical College in priority order.
~Medical college is assigned to the student 
~Which is done on the basis of their rank in the merit list and priority order in which they choose college while filling counselling form online for admission.

Before 2019
After 1 week of result published student were called for open house counselling.
In which student have to choose Medical College as per their rank in the merit list.
While selecting Medical College student have to submit their original mark sheet and document in the counselling room to confirm admission in respective colleges for MBBS.

Confirming Seat
To confirm the selected medical seat for MBBS student is given a window of one week to pay their first instalment via bank transfer on the name of respective Medical College.
Further student has to contact their Medical College for the rest of the documentation process to confirm their admission and medical seat.

Process for Admission in Nepal for MBBS-KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY

Application form
~Application form for admission in MBBS is opened in the month of August, which is 25-30 days prior to the entrance exam.
~Application form is filled and submitted ONLINE.
~Application form charge NRS. 4000 should be deposited in a Nepal Investment Bank before applying for admission form.
~The cash deposit voucher is compulsory to be submitted along with the online application form.

Entrance Exam
This is an entrance exam conducted by Kathmandu University for admission in MBBS program for their affiliated Medical College only.
The exam is conducted in the month of September.
Exam pattern is the same as that of the Tribhuvan University entrance exam.

Question Paper
100 question total of 100 marks is asked.
One mark for each question, there is no negative marking.
Entrance exam question shares the mark such as :

  • 30 mark of physics 
  • 30 mark of chemistry 
  • 20 mark of botany 
  • 20 mark of zoology 

Entrance examination conducted for 120 minutes.

After the entrance exam, the result is published by the end of the day or the next day of the entrance exam.

After one week of result published, students are called for open house counselling at KUSMS Dhulikhel. 

The student has to attend open house counselling with their necessary original document.

Confirming seat
~Student have to choose there Medical College based on their rank in the merit list and student have to submit original documentation. 
~Cash deposit of two lakh should be done to confirm their admission in counselling hall.
~Student is given a window of 14 to 15 day to pay rest of their first instalment to respective Medical College to own that medical seat.

Process for Admission in Nepal for MBBS-BPKIHS

Application form
~Application form for admission in MBBS is opened in the month of June which is 35 to 40 days before the entrance exam.
~The application form is filled and submitted online.
~Application form charges NRS.5000, which should be deposited in a bank recommended by BPKIHS before applying the admission form.
The cash deposit voucher is mandatory to be submitted with the online Application Form.

Entrance exam
It is an exam conducted by BPKIHS for itself.
It is an autonomous college offerings MBBS program with several other  Medical and paramedical program.

The exam is conducted in the month of August-September.
The exam is conducted at BPKIHS Dharan and Biratnagar.
Location can be selected by the student while applying for Admission Form.

Question paper
The exam has question paper of 200 questions worth of 200 marks.
Each question carries one mark, there is no negative marking.
Exam question shares mark such as 

  • 50 -physics
  • 50 -chemistry 
  • 50 -biology 
  • 30 -English 
  • 20 -GK

Exam duration is 180 minute.

Result of the entrance exam is published by the end of the week.

After one week of result published, the student is called for open house counselling at BPKIHS premises.

Confirming seat
The seat is confirmed by a student on the basis of there rank in merit list published by BPKIHS.
The student has to submit their original documentation to be valid for admission in the MBBS program.

Process for Admission in Nepal for MBBS-Patan Academy of Health Sciences

Application form
~Application form for admission in MBBS is open in the month of August.
~Application form should be collected and submitted at Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Lagankhel.
~There is no provision for online submission of the application form.
~Application form charges NRS.3500, which should be deposited in Lakshmi Bank, during the course of Application Form submission.
~Application form can only be collected from Patan Academy of Health Sciences after bank deposit.

Entrance exam
It is an exam conducted by Patan Academy of Health Sciences for admission in the MBBS program.
The date for the entrance exam and admit card printing date is informed to the applicant during submission of the Registration Form.
The exam is conducted for 5 hours from 10 a.m. to  3 p.m.

Question Paper
The entrance exam has 3 paper

  • Paper-I: Multiple choice questions (MCQs) on Science 
  • Paper-II: Mental Agility test (MAT) 
  • Paper-III: Situational Judgment Tests (SJT) 

The student scoring less than 50% in Paper-I will be considered ‘fail’ and student falling below Two, Standard Deviation in Aptitude tests (i.e. SJT and MAT) will be 
considered as ‘fail’.

~No merit list is published for passed students.
~List of selected students is directly published on the official site of PAHS.
~Selected students are only eligible for appearing in interview.

Confirming seat
~The final list of a selected student after the interview is published on the official site of Patan Academy of Health Science.
~The student must visit the college to confirm their seat and also for a medical test.
~After paying first instalment seat is finally confirmed.


Common Entrance Exam concept brought by the government of Nepal in 2075 BS.
It will be the common platform for all the medical aspirant, where the admission process will be much easier to conduct.

In it, all the student have to appear in a single entrance exam, from which student will be able to choose their respective Medical College throughout the nation.
At present, the entrance exam is conducted by autonomous Medical College and university for admission in the MBBS program just for there on medical seats and affiliated colleges.

Concept of Common Entrance Exam is all about to make student able to choose their desired Medical College from the single entrance platform.

Because of several disputes and disorganisation in the pattern of the entrance exam conducted by all different Medical College and university, the concept of Common Entrance Exam has not been implemented till now.

Government of Nepal is looking forward to making it happen, as it is the system adopted by many other countries such as NEET Entrance Exam in India.

So far, many committees are assigned to make Common Entrance Exam possible but still it hasn't come in action.
As per information by the Ministry of Education Nepal '2020' was targeted year to make it possible but  still there is no update from the Ministry of Health, Nepal and Ministry of Education, Nepal

So as per the provision in the constitution of Nepal until Common Entrance Exam comes in action,
All the medical college and university will conduct their own entrance exam for admission of the student in the MBBS program.


All these autonomous Medical College and universities offer a scholarship for admission in the MBBS program.
The scholarship seat is decided by the Ministry of Health and ministry of education, which depend upon total seat given to Medical College for MBBS program in the current year.

There is the provision of giving 10% of the total medical seat for scholarship under the guideline of the Ministry of Education, for private medical colleges which are owned by Nepalese citizen.
There is provision for 20% of the total medical seat for a scholarship under the guideline of the Ministry of Education for each private medical college which are owned by the non-Nepalese citizen.

Autonomous college like BPKIHS and PAHS do not come under these guidelines of the Ministry of Education.
They have there own scholarship seat under different provisional categories.

Also Read: Scholarship in Nepal for MBBS.

Admission in Nepal for MBBS  via CONSULTANCY

Adhaar consultancy

~It is one of the most renowned consultancy in Nepal for MBBS Admission. It is located at Putlisadak, Kathmandu.
~it helps the student for admission in MBBS in Nepal and Bangladesh.
~Student from inside of Nepal and outside of Nepal can get their support directly.
They conduct services such as

  • Filling the form online for TU/KU/BPKIHS/PAHS with least charge
  • They give good consultant advice for choosing a medical college for admission.

Nirvana consultancy

~It is another consultancy working on big scale after Aadhar consultancy.
~ Their support is also available for a student from in and outside of Nepal.
 ~They help in the process of admission in MBBS in Nepal with other paramedical admission support 
 Their support and services are 

  • Help to fill in the online Application Form,
  •  Their support is also available for the student, inside and outside of Nepal with any problem regarding the MBBS admission process in Nepal.

Other consultancies
There are several other consultancies working on smaller scale providing somehow similar support to the student for admission related matter for MBBS in Nepal and admission in MBBS overseas.


As explained above in the Admission Process for MBBS, all the official admission procedure is done by respective autonomous colleges and universities by themselves.
There is no any back gate for admission in MBBS program in Nepal other than process explained above.

The purpose of the consultancy is to navigate the student through steps of Form filling to appearing in Entrance Exam.

In case of any medical seat offered by consultancy, students should be careful about that as it is illegal and just purpose of fraud with money.


Admission in Nepal for MBBS is an easy process.
Student has to just follow the process as directed by the host of entrance exam i.e. autonomous college and University.

Unless Common Entrance Exam become possible in Nepal, all the entrance exam will be conducted by those medical colleges as they did in the past several years just explain as above. 
Different Entrance Exam conducted by different college as explained above creates more number of attempt for the student to get admission in MBBS.
Nepal is a great place to pursue a medical career as The Doctor.

The syllabus of MBBS in Nepal is in the English language so student either from Nepal or from any other country won't have to face any problem while studying MBBS in Nepal.
Just for admission student and their guardian should be careful of fraud.

Getting admission in Nepal for MBBS without appearing in the conducted medical entrance exam is totally illegal as Nepal Medical Council ( NMC ) doesn't keep any record of such student so they will be not eligible for appearing in Board Exam of MBBS.
This will cause a loss of students' time and money too.

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