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Advantages and Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal.

Selecting a country for studying MBBS is an important topic to be considered.  For Nepal, here is 8 important advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS, that should be considered before getting admission in Nepal for MBBS.   When you are looking for medical colleges in abroad for MBBS study, Nepal will be always an option. Even if you are a citizen of Nepal and looking for medical college abroad still Nepal can be considered. But before you get into any medical college of Nepal. You must know some fundamental advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal. Well every existing thing in the world has pros and cons of its own. Here we will be discussing some of the important fundamental parameters that anyone willing to study MBBS, should considered before selecting Medical College of Nepal to pursue MBBS career. We have come out the list of 8 advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal. Let's begin with an overview of both Advantages and D

Admission in Nepal for MBBS |Stepwise-Guide| CEE

Admission in Nepal for MBBS is a simple process for either  Nepalese or foreign candidate. In Nepal, there are altogether 4 entrance conducted every year. Two entrance exam is conducted by University present in Nepal (TU/KU) and two of the other entrance exam are conducted by Two autonomously operating Medical College in Nepal (BPKIHS/PAHS). Admission process in Nepal for MBBS follow the standard procedure of  Entrance exam followed by counselling before confirming MBBS seat. The process differs from one institution to another. Well, Admission in Nepal for MBBS through entrance exam is different for Nepalese candidate and foreign candidate. Though they have to appear in the same entrance exam but the process of applying for it is different. The process of admission in MBBS in Nepal also depend upon the colleges and University which are offering MBBS degree program There are two University in Nepal, which has provided affiliation to 15 plus Private  Medical College and ther

How to Crack NEET 2021 [6 Action Plan during Covid-19]

How to Crack NEET 2021 Searching how to crack NEET 2021 , you are at the right place. Before both of us begin I would like to say as becoming a doctor is a life-changing approach and decision which is going to be your identity for the rest of your life, so take a time to read this article. As this 10 minutes of reading can help your dream come true. Here we have come up with our 6 Action Plan chain that will guide you to crack NEET 2021. A perfect strategy Ultimate concentration Notes (Weapon) Time management Practice MCQ Confidence Before proceeding further first I would like you to imagine a moment when you are wearing a white apron, beneath stethoscope surrounding your neck, walking through a corridor of a hospital that you could ever imagine. Just feel the glory, pride and respect of that moment and I can guarantee you, at last, it will be YOU . As a student appearing in NEET, it is not just about entrance exam; it is a like a WAR that you are going to fig