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COVID Cases- Worldwide

Covid-19 cases are increasing all over the world like never before in the history of human civilization. The coronavirus increase worldwide in a very rapid fashion despite the fact, South Africa is one of the large continent still it is able to manage corona infection in their people.

On 7 January 2020, the coronavirus disease was confirmed to be caused by extreme acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 that is SARS- COV-2.

After the outbreak of the virus, most of the country has adopted serious measures to control the spread of contagious COVID-19.

Till now there are 19543562 cases of COVID-19 all across the globe recently 11030 new cases are recorded on August 10. 724075 total death has been recorded by the WHO across the globe.

The COVID-19 infection has got a huge ground for its infection throughout the globe. The death rate due to it is still low. Out of 19 million infections, around 12 million have been recovered so far. This signifies the seriousness of COVID-19.

Despite having a low death rate COVID-19, the impact and seriousness of that it carries should not be neglected. It is a fact it has not much greater effect on human health of a normal person physically, but it can cause serious financial and emotional crisis.

COVID-19 in South Africa

On 8 August 2020, South Africa has 54476 total COVID cases recorded so far. Out of these cases, total of 9909 death has been recorded. Out of 545476 total infected cases, 394759 cases have been recovered and 140808 cases are found to be still active. 539 cases are at a critical condition.

Along with the guideline given by the WHO and CDC to control the spread of a COVID-19 pandemic, several other measures are adopted by the government of South Africa at a different governing level to manage COVID-19 pandemic. Due to efficient work and effort, the cases of a COVID infection in a South Africa is found to be quite low in comparison two other Nations like us am Brazil India Russia.

So far in South Africa total 3183658 COVID-19 diagnostic test has been done including PCR and RDT. This is about 53612 per million population. Still, 56199951 test is yet to be done to cover the whole population of South Africa.

South Africa adopted preventive measures to control COVID-19 spread

Due to the increased COVID-19 infection in a South Africa the president has about nationwide lockdown on 23rd march 2020. It is prohibited the travel and major social gathering places, so that the speed of COVID-19 can be controlled.

In this lockdown, South African National defence force has been deployed to look over the situation.

The citizens are only allowed to leave home with the proper care and by following guidelines given by the CDC.

The Government of South Africa has also blocked all the borders so that no new cases from outside of South Africa would come. 

The South African citizen living abroad are only allowed to cross the border with the proper check-up followed by 14 days of Quarantine.

Latest major on corona cases adopted by South Africa to control COVID-19 pandemic

  • On 1st April 2020 Ministry of Health South Africa has launched more than 60 mobile laboratories to increase the rate of COVID-19 test throughout the nation.
  • The local government are also conducting several campaign and programs to create awareness among citizens about COVID-19 is spread and Catastrophe that it can bring.
  • The local police force is made available to make the supply of necessary goods to the citizens at their doorstep.
  • The area declared as Red Zone due to more COVID infection are monitored by a National Health laboratory service.
  • Several other units of National Health laboratory service are deployed throughout the nation to enhance the test for COVID-19 infection.
  • 100000 community health workers have been deployed for the ease of testing at a doorstep.

Due to such an approach and policy adopted by the government of South Africa, they are able to control the endemic spread. Despite these, the cases are seen a bit more but as for the record but most of them are not in a critical situation.

The combined effort of government and nation has made the situation under control.

Fake NEWS during COVID-19 Pandemic

For the general public interest, it is important to follow the news about COVID-19 pandemic via reliable authorities. In this devastating situation caused by Coronavirus and a false rumour can result into more spread of infection.

It is best to follow the news provided by WHO and CDC time to time along with the National broadcasting channel of the respective country.

Nowadays there are several misleading news about the spread of infection which creates nothing but a panic situation which can lead to serious mental illness.

In the current scenario, everyone is doing their best to come out with the proper medication and vaccine in for this pandemic whereas a responsible being one should also contribute to the mankind.

In the past few days, some of the pharmaceutical company have claimed for COVID treatment which has created a new wave of joyfulness in a general. But unfortunately, those medications were not able to pass the human trial stage, which is mandatory to be a successful vaccine or any sort of medicine.

Because of these market policy and business making propaganda, one should be aware of getting accurate news.

In this period there are several platforms where the news and rumour are served together, especially those of social media. In general, the social media is found not to be serving proper information about the current pandemic. For the matter of getting in a highlight, much of the social media creator end up with supplying incorrect information.

It is best to follow them news provided by WHO and CDC time to time along with the National broadcasting channel of the respective country.

So it is better to look for proper information which can help to combat this pandemic.

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