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Doc-Tutotrial MBBS Notes Pdf Download

  INTRODUCTION TO DOC-TUTORIAL Doc tutorial is one of the finest EdTech company providing all the necessary video lectures, notes, and question banks for medical college student to ease their medical study journey. Just like the MARROW and PREP ladder it has covered the medical entrance syllabus thoroughly and provides one of the finest platforms for medical student to enhance their medical entrance preparation. DOC tutorial is an initiative to make learning easy and affordable with the motto of “Quality Medical Comprehensive Platform at Affordable price”. It has got well-trained and experienced faculty teaching the medical subject with perfection and in the simplest language so that anyone can improve their learning curve. This platform has mainly addressed the medical student of NEET PG, FMGE and NEET SS entrance exams. But the target is to deliver quality study material and content for all the medical entrance exams at a different level. Medical student dealing with NEET